Unique Co-working & Business Centers Network

As a global franchising network, WorkRepublic runs unique branches of co-working business centers. Our franchisee partners enjoy a lot of options. You will make a profit from the streamlined cost structure, as you organize your hours yourselves. You'll be able to offer your customers attractive workplaces and private rooms, a modern lounge, high-end office appliances, and a representative business address. You can come in close contact with other franchisees, while we offer you a wealth of opportunities to extend your business network.

Franchise Presentation

WorkRepublic Network in Europe

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    Munich, Germany

    Oberanger 6, 80331 Munich
    Rosental 7, 80331 Munich

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    Frankfurt, Germany

    In development

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    Cologne, Germany

    In development

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    Stockholm, Schweden

    In development

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    Barcelona, Spanien

    In development


Benefits of Our Franchise System

WorkRepublic gives you a chance to set up your own successful enterprise, using the already proven business success model from the USA. Together with us, you will be sharing knowledge and experiences with other franchise partners and will thus learn a lot. The WorkRepublic franchise system has proven itself as a universal success formula, primarily because franchise partners work within the reliable and trusted entrepreneur pool.


We are always ready to advise you and offer training courses for your staff.


We will draft a full design project package for you. We will also develop a webpage for you to implement marketing activities.


Strong brand, professional marketing, and elaborate pre-sale system. Positive image, popularity, and a good reputation from the outset.


We help you with office premise selection and make our robust infrastructure and IT systems available for you.

... and much more!

Identity and Style

Our network features a unified design:

  • The interior is decorated with plenty of glass: high quality and at the same time modern and minimalistic.
  • We offer space for various work styles, regardless of what future co-workers prefer: desks, sofas, armchairs, or beanbags.
  • Lounge area and kitchen
  • High-quality contemporary design, artwork, and hi-tech decor.
  • The building exterior also matters. WorkRepublic rents areas in presentable buildings.
  • All branches operate 24/7. So we have something to offer freelancers working with people from various time zones worldwide.

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